Privacy Policy

Motel in Bairnsdale – Mitchell on Main recognizes the value of providing the privacy of all collected details and information from our clients. For the principles of this Privacy Statement, the word clients such as the visitors to our main site, subscribers to as well as users of our facilities, buyers of our offered deals and marketing clients.Our company is bound by the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) corresponding to the management of personal details and information.

Personal Information

Our company gathers details from you upon availing our offers and services. In general, we will inform you why and when we will get your details and information.We typically gather details and information from you directly though sometimes we may use our agents to do such tasks. We also need to gather details and information from other resources and other companies.

Use of Information

We normally gather the necessary details from our clients and customers like your name, address, and other contact numbers. When you are using the net, we will gather the sites as well as the locations of the pages wherein you visited. But rest assured that we will not collect any private information. In case we do, it is for the sole purpose of our offered services and products and if the law abides then we will need to collect further details and information about you.We will use and need your information in our offered services, in compliance for the administrative purpose of our company, such as for billing, for contracts and for client marketing use. Where your details and other personal info are included in the ads which we publish for you, we may as well make use of your personal info for posting similar ads to other resources, to comply with the initial publication.We may also share your personal info to other companies related to Motel in Bairnsdale – Mitchell on Main. We or the other company might use your information to help us improve our offered services and products and will also make use of your details to send more offers and updates.


Motel in Bairnsdale – Mitchell on Main ensures the security and protection of our clients, reliability and privacy our customer’s information. We are using all the possible ways to ensure that your details are safe such as technical methods together with firewalls and other modern secure databases to make sure all information are sealed, secure and will not be disclosed.Regrettably, no information broadcast over the net can be assured to be completely locked.